Project 1 Included Rhino tutorials and assignments showcased on the previous page.
Project 2: Bio-Inspired Stadium

Prompt: Design a sitting apparatus based on the principles of biomimicry. A bio-inspired chair which borrows function from its form, as is seen in nature.
Inspiration: An amphitheater concept inspired from shells and termite hives with a stage in the center. The seat itself is spiral extrusion from the start to finish in the profile of an ergonomic chair. The exterior walls are envisioned to be made from a strong and flexible coating material [eg. BMW Gina]. This sheath is capable of changing its form by using a hydraulic-powered metal skeleton. 
Product: An amphitheater for vocal performances and a singular seating structure which does not obstruct the view of the audience sitting behind others. The conical shape of the spiral staircase along with the inverse pyramid-like exterior would aid sound acoustics and ambient temperature inside the amphitheater. 
Project 3: Table

Prompt: Design a table with the principles of paper folding by "unfolding" the exterior into one connected, foldable cover.
Inspiration: An unfolded pyramid to obtain table surfaces. When negotiating a multimillion deal, everyone should be on the same metaphorical plane of understanding, and the table area should be sufficient to accommodate the metaphorical elephant in the room. 
Product: A table made for negotiations between 2 parties. The triangular surface eliminates the position of a table head. With over 12,000 square inches of negotiating surface area, there is no meeting which will need to be rescheduled because of inept venue.
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