Hi, my name is Tanishq. 
Don't worry, it's a tricky pronunciation, try tah-nísh-k.
I hail from New Delhi, India and am currently a senior at Indiana University, Bloomington. Pursuing a major in Marketing and Business Analytics, I recently decided to put fuel to the fire of creating. Creating not only brand images and experiences, but also creating, things. You know, tangible stuff one might hold or wear, or intangible things which one might interact with. And it's been very fulfilling. I like creating and getting people to react to what I created.
So why am I telling you this?
Well, I started out with wanting to become an astro-physicist. No joke; NASA, Stephen Hawking, black holes, the whole 9 yards (or rather, the universe). And through a long (ongoing) roller coaster of a journey to discover myself, I jumped from science to business to art, and my current pit-stop seems to be making stuff. Only sometimes useful, but always therapeutic and fulfilling. 
So why am I telling you THIS?
Let's see. Apart from the fact that I might've over shared; I hope you, whoever you are and wherever you are, don't stop exploring. And exploring doesn't have to mean changing career trajectories or going to new places, exploring to me is the simplest act of listening to someone who doesn't agree with you. The one thing I know after all the life changing decisions I have made is that there's gonna be a lot more. 
And if change is such a constant, why not embrace it, you know? 
Carpe Diem
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