Who doesn't like cute plush toys and monthly subscription boxes filled with games based on an educational theory?
I spent the summer of 2016 in Mumbai, India interning for a marketing firm called Quadrum Solutions. They had an in-house startup which I was a part of called Pod Squad. Pod Squad is a monthly subscription service for children in their formative years (think nursery and kindergarten).
The box contains games based around Howard Gardener's theory of 9 intelligences. Each box's games are based around a monthly theme and a detail page about the theory and which games target which intelligence in the growing child.
The internship was very fulfilling and a great learning experience. Less because I just found the 9-5 office time culture SO SO amazing, more because it was the first time I was earning and living on my own, managing my own finances and balancing work and play in a city which doesn't sleep. Having very independent, very smart co-workers was definitely a plus.
I got involved in ideating and making creative marketing content head first. Being a resource strained start-up like any other, we were all doing chores and fulfilling orders, along with updating our content constantly and staying on top of trends. I got exposure to Facebook's marketing tools; pixel, it's marketing platform dashboard and post boosting. Along with, we were constantly paying attention to Google Adwords and optimizing our keywords to show up when the consumer was looking.
The science/art of reaching consumers at various stages of their purchase journey is something which one cannot fathom in one summer. I know I have a long way to go before I can design my own campaigns and make decisions based on engagement metrics. But the kind of exposure to real life and professional experiences was unparalleled in anything I had ventured out to do before.
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