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Summer of 2018. As a junior, this summer meant fortifying my career aspirations through the plaque of having done an internship. "You should take the internship and do whatever you want in your free time", Mom said. 
I did fortify my career aspirations. Summer internship, not so much. Sorry Loop NYC!
I decided to take the summer for myself. I worked on my projects, co-founded a new venture, learned front end coding frameworks and (finally) started to practice mindfulness for my mental wellbeing. 
I started with exploring web design and the plethora of Content Management Systems out there, like Google Sites, WordPress, Square etc. I moved on to HTML/CSS/JS and learnt the basics for Python. I could notice already the way I process data in my head was changing. Calling functions, defining object properties and running lists & loops changed how I organize and recall information. This was in contrast to how I was used to think in "boolean" terms after 2 years of Excel in business.
Part of my role for Project Textron was making sure the screen space was free from unnecessary jargon and daunting statistical terms which seldom mean much. This included learning things about User Interfaces and Experiences, the psychology of humans & how we process information, along with learning how to implement this theory into practice using hardware and software. My design classes had been giving my exposure in these fields, and I found front end to be the perfect outlet of my creative energies, while being able to contribute as a partner in the business. The summer project stayed for me, just that, a summer project. While it's in good hands making progress, I diverted back to making interactive art, researching biomimicry, and looking for something that powered me, as Textron powered my friend and colleague. 
This summer was supposed to be definitive for my career, and in a lot of ways it was. I learned about myself things which I couldn't have working for someone else. I learned to keep myself company and do things that interest me, not because they make me interesting. I will always look back to this time when I realised that college is a mindset and learning doesn't need to happen in a library.

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