Artist Statement(s)
Reflective pieces written throughout the exploration of various art courses and media
January, 2019
Digital Architecture (Misnomer)
SOAD course for intermediate Rhinoceros 3D modeling and fabrication techniques
January, 2019
Applications of Biomimicry
An independent study to amalgamate research into biology based design application framework
January, 2019
Interactive Multimedia
SOAD course exploring critical art thinking through mid-fidelity prototyping
August, 2018
Making for Good
Informatics course introducing hardware prototyping. Focus on making for social good and making technology accessible.
September, 2018
Digital Art: Survey and Practice
SOAD course exploring the intersection of digital media and art theory.
January, 2018
Creative Core: 3D Design
SOAD course introducing 3-dimensional thinking and making. Emphasis on various materials like cardboard, acrylic, wood and 3D printing
January, 2018
Creativity and Communication
BUS course for marketing majors focusing on creative technologies and 'right-brain' thinking. Integrated service learning project with local art house
January, 2018
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